The easiest, sweetest meringues


I made meringues last Sunday on a whim. The boyfriend and I had decided to stay in and cook (homemade pizzas – watch out for the post!) and I wanted to round the meal off with something sweet but not too heavy. What to make, I asked myself? Ah ha! Meringues.

Lighter than air, sweet and crumbly yet chewy and the perfect match for masses of soft, cloud-like whipped cream. I must admit to a guilty pleasure of enjoying my meringues with nothing but cream, but I admit some berries should probably be added for colour, contrast and of course, upping the nutritional value of things (although the health ship has pretty much sailed given the amount of cream I like to pile on…!)


These are so unbelievably easy to make and quick as well. They can easily be knocked up and forgotten about until the glorious time comes to eat them.

You can also be as adventurous as you like in terms of dressing them up; try dipping them in chocolate and rolling them in nuts, add vanilla extract or lemon zest, add crushed hazelnuts to the mixture before baking, try out food colourings and piping shapes. The possibilities really are endless – but for once I decided to mine simple and gorgeous. Enjoy.


2 egg whites
110g caster sugar

Preheat the oven to 140C. Crack the egg whites into a clean, grease-free bowl and be careful not to break the yolk.

Begin gently whisking the eggs with an electric whisk until light and frothy. Turn up the speed and whisk until stiff peaks begin to form.

Add the sugar a tablespoonful at a time, whisking on high speed after each addition, until all the sugar is incorporated and the mixture is thick, stiff and glossy.


Fill a piping bag and, using the nozzle of your choice (I used a plain one), pipe mini blobs on a baking tray (a silicone tray is ideal if you have it – if not a baking tray lined with grease-proof paper).


Bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven, and leave the meringues in the oven until it is cooled completely (leave them for at least an hour).

Extra info

  • Serves around 4
  • The meringues will keep for a week or so, in an airtight container
  • The meringues can be frozen but ensure you wrap them well (to keep out moisture!)
  • Freeze your egg yolks for making custard, ice-cream or crème brulee



One response to “The easiest, sweetest meringues

  1. Something spooky about this…Im in another continent but Sat brunch for me was exactly the same! Must be something the the family blood. Was with a group of friends here and we had 4 ways with eggy bread (2 savoury, 2 sweet…banana and chocolate not to be missed!)…am very much enjoying your blog Charli since your Mum posts the links xx

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